Maudsley Myths

Laura throws Maudsley Myths at the people who wrote the book on Family-Based Treatment. Drs Daniel Le Grange and James Lock are the guests. Full show notes at

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  1. Not commenting as anonymous to be anonymous- just can't seem to log in with my seldom used blog. I do note one thing (or think I remember noting one thing) the doctors when asked which families should not do FBT stated that the only ones who shouldn't were those who didn't want to. Great. Except what do clinicians do with those families? In market health economies maybe they just let them go off to find an alternative. If a state system or insurance company is paying for the treatment can they really allow the family to choose a non-evidence based treatment. Will one be available? Fiona Marcella

  2. WEll, that's the question isn't it?! That kind of thing only works if there is a choice, and there is access to care. Our clinicians don't have to solve the family's problem: both sides have to agree to work together. And, of course, some clinicians offer FBT and offer other approaches. But the problem of a health system that only offers one approach is a health system problem that needs fixing. Honestly, I wish we had a health system at all!


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