July 22, 2014

Father wants answers on his daughter's death from anorexia nervosa

Averil Hart
help her dad find answers on her death
I met Nic Hart in London when I was there earlier this year for the EDIC conference. He spoke movingly to that audience of his desire to understand the treatment his daughter received, or failed to receive, before her death. Averill was 19 when she died in 2012. Her family wants answers about why. Mr. Hart and his family and supporters are asking for our help, the parent community that knows the agony and heartbreak of an eating disorder diagnosis, in spreading the word so that the Harts can get the answers they need from the health system charged with her care.

Please visit Averil's site, and subscribe to the blog. Re-tweet and subscribe to Nic's handle, @AverilsDad  Spread the word around the world to let the Harts know that they are not alone, that others care, and that at the very least there should be clear answers from those involved.

July 16, 2014

Charlotte makes it to the House of Commons

Typing this through soggy eyes, please enjoy Charlotte and Charlotte's Helix discussed in the House of Commons during Prime Minister's Questions today.

Way to go to MP Caroline Nokes and the Charlotte's Helix committee.

July 10, 2014

Celebrating Charlotte's Birthday

This week marks six months since Charlotte Bevan died. It doesn't seem that long, and it really isn't. A year ago I this week I was getting on a plane to go see her, and this was the week that we came up with the idea of Charlotte's Helix as a way to continue her legacy of work improving the world for those facing eating disorders. I came home with blue hair and a mission. I still have blue hair and many more have joined the mission!

This week is also the first birthday Charlotte will not have. In her spirit and on her behalf, I and others are committed to celebrating her birthday for her by supporting the Helix.

I'd like to tell Charlotte many things. I'd like to tell her that her dream came true and that the AN25K international project has been extended to the UK. She would want to know that thanks to the generosity of the volunteers, we are one quarter of our way to the initial goal of 1,000 samples. Charlotte would be glad to know that slowly but surely we are raising the necessary £100K to pay for the samples. Charlotte would join me in thanking the donors, the research participants, and the scientists who are making this happen.

We have collectively raised, in increments of a few pounds to $5000 at a time, about a quarter of what we need to reach our goal. Every dollar, pound, euro and yen are valuable to that total.

Last year, I gave away my birthday to Charlotte to show her my support and commitment. Many others joined me and she laughed and maybe even cried at the kind, joyful pledges. Let's celebrate Charlotte's birthday this year by doing what she hoped we would: come together over this project and have some fun doing it.

The wonderful Helix committee in the UK has just announced the "I choose to give" campaign on the Helix site. 

How can you help:
This project was important enough to Charlotte to make it her public legacy. It may change eating disorders forever. 

I miss Charlotte. This is something I can DO about it. How about you?