makes opening the mail interesting!

How often do you get a letter from the Governor of Virginia (a note to welcome The Map Ahead conference-goers) the same day you get another note like this?

Oh. my.

Just dare us, C, just dare us!


  1. Why cool mail. Your letter box will never be the same again!
    Yes C, we could, two words "after party".

  2. I am daring you!

  3. I would like my image of the symposium (a group of committed, like-minded, scientific yet empathic folks discussing serenely and forging the way forward) to remain intact a little while longer please! Anyway, if I can't be there, I insist you don't have too much fun.

  4. Hopefully the truth will lie somewhere in the middle. Like minded folks sharing ideas and making progress and having great fun.

  5. Awesome! I love all the comments and the practical side of me agrees with Red's comment... How about we have loads of laughs and push the envelope to the helmets and clothes on...or jammies at the very least. I am shopping for some new pjs just for this event.
    Becky Henry

  6. Now I am getting worried that I am not going to be there to get the party started!

  7. MANG!!!!!
    NOW what am I going to wear?!!?!??!

  8. Cool and I just love the idea of this card. Can you feature other funny cards? I'd be grateful if you will. Thanks!


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