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Podcasts About Eating Disorders

Podcasting is still not a well-understood idea. Everyone's HEARD of them now, but not everyone's listening to them or gets how they work. There seem to be two kinds of people, mostly: those whose commutes and housecleaning are dull wastes of time, and those who look forward to them. I'm one of the latter.

I'm a fan, but also a podcaster. Two years ago, after being a great listener of a wide range of podcasts, I went ahead and learned the other side: the recording, editing, producing, and publishing of these audio morsels. For my first project I picked something entirely out of my usual interests or comfort zone: "sex over 50" from the perspective of a prude. I researched the topic, got out there and found interviewees, studied audio design and the technicalities of publishing, and put in a year of work building an audience. And then, as planned, I stepped down and gave it to others to carry on. It was fun, it was enlightening, and I learned heaps.

Naturally, …

Latest Posts

Episode 13: The At Home With Eating Disorders conference for parents and carers in Sydney is coming up soon! Meet Nicki Wilson, going for her third time!

Episode 12: Eating Disorders Coalition Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill

Episode 11: Meet the Mother/Son Team behind Gurze-Salucore

Episode 10: Meet Dr. Tarah Martos, a  Licensed Psychologist on the cutting edge of evidence-based eating disorder treatment

Joining F.E.A.S.T. as Outreach Director

Episode 9: Is Eating Disorder Prevention Possible? A conversation with Michael P. Levine, Ph.D.

Episode 8: Sock It To ED!

Episode 7: Meet Eric van Furth on Eating Disorder treatment in The Netherlands

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Episode 6: Charlotte's Helix featuring Erica Husain - New Plates Podcast

Episode 5: Meet the Founder of Binge Eating Disorder Association - New Plates Podcast

Episode 4: Treat To The Trait -- New Treatment for Adult Eating Disorders - New Plates Podcast

Episode 3: What if there were an expert parent at every table? - New Plates Podcast

Reach out and Recover: new online tool in Australia

Force-feeding, or life-saving?

Episode 2: History of Including Parents in Treatment - New Plates Podcast

Have you heard the NEW PLATES podcast episode 1 yet? "Why Include Parents During Eating Disorders Treatment?"

Back, but with a new hat...

Why you shouldn't listen to me about sex, but probably will anyway

Mistletoe, mischief, and coming OUT

vote now for YOUR favorite film featuring lovers who are over 50 years old

Transcript for AED F.E.A.S.T. Twitterchat last night now available!

Getting naked for a good cause

Fragility as power: I need a fainting couch!

Doing it right doesn't mean it will work

are you in the drama triangle?

London musical event benefits Charlotte's Helix in November

Just because: Leonardo Sandoval, tap musician

F.E.A.S.T. event in DC coming up!

Why monitoring a child's weight and height DO matter

Caring for an adult in the US with mental illness? Please participate in this NAMI survey!

new video describing the family experience of anorexia nervosa

Women's Plaza of Honor

Read it? Review it today!

there are days

F.E.A.S.T. Executive Director describes advocacy goals and approaches

60 seconds of lovely

The Norwegian art of slow

Charlotte's Squee

Wombats, Platypi, and Kangaroos.... oh, and people, too!